Wedding Reception Venue

Charleston wedding reception venue

The French Quarter is perhaps the most charming part of Charleston. Its cobbled streets and beautiful, historic buildings are lovely and create the perfect atmosphere for any event. Marion's in the French Quarter allows its guests to take part in the city's romance. We offer beauty, elegance, and a touch of old world class and sophistication. Marion's is a premier Charleston wedding reception venue.

Large enough to accommodate one hundred and sixty four guests, with a separate lounge bar and ballroom, we can accommodate a cocktail hour and wedding reception. The lounge features a twenty foot grand oak bar, long enough to serve guests while displaying photos, the guest book for your big day, or whatever else you might require. The ballroom is separated from the lounge by arch french doors, and lit by beautiful chandeliers. It features a hardwood floor, perfect for dancing or partying. It also has characteristic Charleston brick, reflecting the city's unique history. This is an open space that can be configured a number of ways, depending on your needs and plans. Tables and chairs that match Marion's unique décor are available for rent at a small additional cost.

While Marion's in the French Quarter has a number of vendors that have accommodated our guests in the past, each couple has the opportunity to work with whichever florist, photographer, or other vendor that best reflects their personalities and preferences. The rental also includes use of a professional kitchen that can meet the needs of any event, open to whichever of the city's talented caterers you decide is right for your Charleston wedding reception.

Marion's in the French Quarter understands that a wedding is a special day for a couple, unique and never to be repeated. A wedding reception is not just a party, it is a celebration of two people deciding to become a single whole. Marion's in the French Quarter understands that choosing a Charleston wedding reception venue is an important decision. The venue you choose will provide the backdrop for a day you will remember for the rest of your life. Our staff and management will provide everything to ensure your wedding reception perfectly lives up to all your expectations.

Take a virtual tour (below) or contact us to visit this perfect venue for your next wedding, reception or rehearsal dinner in historic downtown Charleston SC.

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