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Charleston meeting and conference roomThe French Quarter is one of the oldest parts of the city of Charleston. With its narrow, cobbled streets and store fronts dating as far back as the 18th century, it projects a sense of antique elegance and charm. At the same time, the Quarter hosts some of the best, and most modern, restaurants, art galleries, and hotels. As a premier meeting and conference venue, Marion's in the French Quarter allows its guests to take part in this mix of old and new.

With a combination of comfort and class, there are few conference venues that equal Marion's in the French Quarter. It's elegant 4,000 square feet of rental space, divided between the lounge bar and ballroom, is able to accommodate up to 164 people. The lounge features a 20 foot Grand Oak bar, with comfortable seating and service areas. Beyond three graceful French arches, the ballroom's hardwood floors and delicate chandeliers carries the French Quarter's elegance inside, provide the perfect backdrop for your event.

The French Quarter has a number of excellent restaurants, to serve your attendees and guests. However, Marion's in the French Quarter also contains a full professional kitchen, allowing you to select the caterer of your choice to provide food and keep your attendees on site. Other vendors can also decorate the space, or provide music. The bar is available either to provide the beverage service for your conference or meeting, or is available a la carte.

Marion's ballroom and lounge bar can both be arranged to meet your needs and the requirements of your conference. Both tables and chairs that match Marion's unique décor are available for a small additional cost.

The staff at Marion's in the French Quarter are available to make sure that every need is met to your satisfaction. As a conference venue, it serves a beautiful, and convenient setting, and allows your and your conference attendees to focus on the what matters most – conveying the message and driving business. Few conference and meeting venues can match Marion's in the French Quarter when it comes to class, convenience, and location.

Just a Few of the Aspects Distinguishing Marion’s as the Charleston businesses’ premier choice for Meetings or Conferences:

  • Centrally located in the hub of historic downtown Charleston, SC
  • 4,000 square feet of usable space and can accommodate a guest list of 164
  • Facility can be conditioned and contoured for both small meetings and medium sized conferences
  • Competitive Rates

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